Release of AudibleX 1.2.0

January 21, 2022
AudibleX, Audible download

We released AudibleX with the following changes. I18N # Add language support for German,French,Italian,Spanish & Japanese. UI improvement # Dark/Light theme switch; Play media from the program; Bugs fixed # Fixed program may crash under Windows 10 when launch the Audible login page; Fixed downloaded AAX format not in the orders of the Setting. Other minor bugs. Download it here and email to [email protected] ...

AudibleX released

October 14, 2021

AudibleX is an Audible downloader and converter ,it is for users who want to remove DRM from their Audible contents and transfer their Audible media to their MP3 player for offline listening. -- What makes AudibleX different from other Audible converters is that it can not only convert Audible books, but also Podcast Episodes, Speeches or Radio/TV programs in user’s Audible library.

AudibleX - Audible下载和转换程序

AudibleX, Audible

AudibleX # 简介 # “AudibleX” 是一个Audible 下载和转换程序。您可以使用它下载您的 Audible媒体并转换成MP3,M4A,M4B 格式. 功能和特性 # 支持所有不同语种的亚马逊 audible 市场; 下载Audible有声书、播客、演讲和无线/TV 节目; 批量下载和转换; 解除 DRM-限制; 转换本地/远程媒体文件; 按章节切分媒体内容; 保持原有音效质量; 支持输出格式: MP3,M4A,M4B; 演示 # Your browser does not support the video tag. -- [User's guide](/products/docs/bookit) -- FAQs # Q: 在程序中输入我的亚马逊账号安全吗? ... A: 是的, 程序中使用的登录界面是亚马逊网站的登录界面,登录过程完全由亚马逊处理,你输入的用户名和密码对程序并不可见,因此是安全的. Q: 我是否需要每次都登录Audible? ... A: 不需要。 程序会在你登录后保存一个访问令牌 用于以后访问,因此您不需要每次都输入密码. Q: 我可以不改变亚马逊市场切换账号吗? ...

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