WeBook 2.0.0

March 24, 2022
WeBook, ebook builder, web page to ebook, Rss to eBook, Version Update

春天了……又來了。你一生要經歷多少個春天? 就是這樣,無論如何,我們仍在呼吸和工作。 在這個版本中我們調整了底層架構,所以當你啟動程序時不再彈出請求權限的窗口。 擴展了索引管理以允許重建索引。您只需單擊即可清理索引數據庫並重建它,這可能需要幾分鐘的時間,具體取決於您的剪輯庫大小。 我們還對 UI/UE(用戶體驗)進行了許多小的改進,尤其是。在剪輯樹上,例如,新添加的剪輯或文件夾將自動展開到視圖中,以節省您的點擊。 性能提升是我們的另一個嘗試,你可以試試刪除一個大的子樹。 當然,更正了已知的錯誤。 試試看 如有任何問題或建議,請發送電子郵件至 [email protected]。 祝你有美好的一天。

WeBook 1.8.0

January 13, 2022
WeBook, ebook builder, web page to ebook, Rss to eBook, Version Update

We make many changes in this version. Drag & Drop # You can add contents by drag-and-drop links/HTML directly from a browser window, also you can drag and drop ebook files to import their contents. This feature enables easy content pick-up from the Web so that you need not install the extension anymore. Fetching status and refresh/refetch # A new added item will show fetching status, and you can refresh/refetch the item later. ...

New features of WeBook 1.7.0

December 16, 2021
WeBook, Rss to eBook, Version Update

Two important new features were added in WeBook 1.7.0. Import from RSS feed # With this new RSS support you can import articles from a RSS feed, and later refresh it to check and fetch new articles. So you can build an ebook from your favorite RSS feeds in a minute, and rebuild it periodically to keep it up-to-date. Drag to add links # You may want to add a link in an existing clip as a new clip, this can be achieved by drag-and-drop: select a text block with the link from the editor, drag it into the clips tree and drop, the new clip will be added . ...


December 10, 2021
WeBook, Upgrade, Release

WeBook 升級到 1.6.0 版本,新增功能和變化: I18n 支持: 荷蘭語 英語 德語 法語 意大利語 西班牙語 葡萄牙語 日本人 韓國人 俄語 簡體中文 繁體中文 為編輯器添加文本對齊圖標; 編輯器熱鍵擴展支持: 複製/剪切和粘貼; 上標和下標; 選擇上一行和下一行; 和更多 … 4.修復小錯誤。 下載 這裡。 如有任何問題或建議,請發送電子郵件至 [email protected]

WeBook v1.5.0 released

November 23, 2021

Version 1.5.0 released with new features and changes as follows: -- Folder view added for convenience of navigation. added indexes management to remove zombie article items. “search & replace” for editor was redesigned. several UI adjustment. fix minor bugs. You can download it from here . Please kindly inform us by email to [email protected] if you have any problems when using the program .

Create EBook in 2021 Using WeBooK

June 21, 2021

Now most of you read eBooks on your smart devices. Ebooks are so popular that you might have wondered if you can make one yourself. If you have ever thought about making one, this article will tell you how. But this is only a simple way of making eBook. If you are a professional who wants to create eBook with beautiful designs, you’d better choose other tools. WeBooK is a desktop tool designed to save, edit and organize webpages. ...

WeBook - 自助學習套件


WeBook # 簡介 # “WeBook”的意思是“Web+Book”。它是一種高級工具,可幫助您從多個來源收集、編輯、組織網頁並將它們編譯成電子書。 安裝 WeBook後,您可以通過手動輸入 url、將網頁中的鏈接/html 拖入窗口或從 RSS/chrome 書籤/本地文件導入來添加內容。 一個名為“WeBook 收集器”的可選瀏覽器擴展提供了另一種選項,可以在上網時從網頁中批量提取內容。 準備好網頁內容後,您可以簡單地通過拖放來組織這些內容,對現有內容進行更改或編寫自己的內容,最後將這些內容編譯成一本新書。 特徵 # 添加來自 URL/RSS 提要/chrome 書籤的內容; 通過拖放添加內容; 可選的基於擴展的收集器,用於所有基於 Chromium 的瀏覽器以拾取內容。 從多種文件格式導入內容,包括 EPUB、PDF、MOBI、AZW3、DOCX、HTML、Markdown; 內置 HTML 編輯器; 多種輸出格式,包括 EPUB2、EPUB3、KOEPUB、PDF、MOBI、AZW3; 大量內容組織的基於樹的結構; 全文搜索; 兩面板設計,因此您可以在查看另一個網頁的同時編輯一個網頁; 明暗主題切換; 演示 # Your browser does not support the video tag. 更多展示… 文檔 # 用戶指南 問答 # Q: 我必須安裝擴展才能使用WeBook嗎? ... A: 不, 擴展並非必不可少的。在WeBook中你可以以多種方式添加內容,包括從網址或從瀏覽器書籤導入。但是擴展提供了一種靈活的從網頁拾取內容的手段因此我們還是推薦你最好安裝擴展。 Q: 擴展支持哪些瀏覽器? ...

The Newest WeBooK Testimonial

July 7, 2021

An aid for your online research sessions, providing a web collector with HTML editing capabilities and an e-book creator to store all your contents in a single place. Online researching sessions for any type of project, no matter the topic usually results in different pieces of information from multiple sources. Whether it is the Internet, digital books, articles or any other resource, you end up having a mix of contents in no particular order. ...

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