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What is it? #

“WeBook” means “Web+Book”. It is an advanced tool-suite that helps you collecting, editing , organizing web pages from multiple sources and compiling them into an ebook.

It consists of 2 components, a browser extension called “WeBook collector” and a desktop application “WeBook”. With the collector extension installed you can collect web contents anytime while surfing the Internet with your browser, then you can submit these contents to the desktop app.

In addition to collecting contents from web, Webook offers powerful importing capability that enables you to import contents from existing local files of various formats.

With web contents ready, you can organize these contents simply by dragging and dropping, make changes to existing contents or write your own, and at last compile those contents into a new book.

Features #

  • Add contents from URL;
  • Add contents from chrome bookmarks;
  • Add and update contents from RSS feed;
  • Extention-based collector for all Chromium based browsers enables flexible pickup from Internet.
  • Import contents from multiple file formats including EPUB, PDF, MOBI, AZW3, DOCX, HTML, Markdown;
  • Embed a HTML editor to edit contents;
  • Multiple output formats support including EPUB2, EPUB3, KOEPUB, PDF, MOBI, AZW3;
  • Tree-based structure for large quantities contents organization;
  • Full-text search for web contents;
  • 2-panel design so you can edit a web page while view another;
  • Light/dark theme switch;
  • multi-language support.

Comparison with Bookit Desktop #

We have another product “BookIt Desktop” which can also be used to collect web contents and turn them into ebooks, If you are wondering why 2 applications and what’s the difference, then this is the story behind:

We build “Bookit Desktop” at first. After its release, we realized that many features (e.g. content management, editing capability) are missing that requires a re-design and we did it. BookIt Desktop is simple and lightweight, it may be still useful for users who need not these advanced features, so we keep them both and named the new App “WeBook”.

You can see the differences in the table below:

Features BookIt Desktop WeBook
Picker embeded picker extension-based picker
Editor no yes
Output format pdf,epub2,epub3 pdf,epub2,epub3,koepub,azw3,mobi
Import local files html html,epub,mobi,azw,pdf,md,docx
Import from rss no yes
Import from chrome bookmarks no yes
Contents management no yes


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Document #

FAQs #

More questions? please tell us by email .

Downloads #

WeBook is free to try in 7 days, you can remove this limitation by registering.

WeBook for Windows

requires Windows 10,64bit


WeBook for MacOS

requires MacOS 10.13 or above


WeBook Collector Extension

requires chromium-based Browser ,e.g, Chrome ,Microsoft Edge


For Windows Users

Windows Smartscreen will mark a program insecure unless someone paid to sign the program (even a computer virus) with a expensive EV-certificate. Chrome may also alert you that programs downloaded from our site is insecure because it has smartscreen built-in.

We did not sign our programs and we surely promised that:

The programs you downloaded from bookn.net contains no computer virus or malicious code or spyware. We do not steal your information on your computer by any means.

We can only make promise for programs downloaded from our site https://bookn.net. If you download from other sources, risk youself.

Pricing & Buy links #

  • One License for 3 Computers
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Update & Email Support

1 month plan, $4.99 per month

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1 year plan, $19.99 per year

Subscribe Subscribe

one time purchase $29.99 only

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How to register #

  1. First make a purchasement or subscription with your email address from our site.
  2. Open the application and click the “register” icon or menu, input your email address and click “Register” button, we will send an email from [email protected] to your email address for you to confirm your registration.
  3. Open the received email and click the “Confirm” button to confirm your registration.
  4. Return to the software click “register” button once more to fetch your license.

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