BookIt Desktop - an easy-to-use ebook builder from web pages

BookIt Desktop #

bookit desktop

What is it? #

“BookIt” means “turn it into a book”. It is a simple and easy-going tool helps you to build ebooks from web contents.

Features #

  • Add content from URL;
  • Injected toolbar script for web contents pickup;
  • You can import contents from local html files;
  • 3 fetch methods embedded: http get & headless chrome (invisible) & chrome visible;
  • Supported output formats: EPUB2,EPUB3,PDF;
  • Book title,cover,author meta-info are customizable;
  • Build history & rebuild support.

Demo #

Document #

FAQs #

More questions? please tell us by email .

Downloads #

BookIt is totally free now. free download

BookIt Desktop for Windows

requires Windows 10, 64bit


BookIt Desktop for MacOS

requires MacOS 10.13 or above


For Windows Users

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