Webook User's Guide

Installation #

Application #

You can get webook installer from download.

We have both Windows and Mac copy, be sure to download the right one that matches your system. Then open the file you just downloaded and run the set up program.

Extension #

To collect web pages for webook ,you should install WeBook Collector extension for your chromium based browser.

You can also install extension from WeBook, open WeBook, click the second option “install the webook extension for your browser” on the welcome page,, and it will lead you to the Chrome web store.

Then click add to Chrome, and you will find it on your extension list.

For you to work efficiently, pin it on your extension bar.

How it laid out #

Welcome page #

Find guides, and demos, launch your browser, import local files and change settings.

Clips #

Clips are whatever files or books you imported either from your local hard drive or saved from the internet.

You can add, or delete any clips you imported.

Books #

There is a sample book in this section. View the book by clicking on the book icon, or click the folder icon to view where the book is stored. Click the book title or cover, you will see the book information, including author, description, language, format, and the date it is created.

Click on the third button, you can input key words to search any books or clips.

Tasks #

View the importing or exporting status of your projects. You can delete some or all of the tasks.

Settings #

At the bottom left corner, click the settings button to set up your preference.

General settings #

Change your data directory.

Visual options #

Set the default theme and font size

Fetch options #

The fetch timeout means the maximum time you waited for WeBook to get you the pages. You can set it to a larger amount if you always save a lot of pages. If you want only texts, toggle the “Skip Images When Fetch” switch on.

Build options #

Define the default author name, output format and toggle on the “Remove clips after build” switch.

PDF options #

Set the page size, orientation, and grayscale.

On the top right, you can register to get a license; toggle from day and night mode; check for update; view FAQs; and select the language.

Import clips to WeBook #

Click the the “clips” icon in the left menu, there’s a sample clip. Above it in the menu bar, the top left is to empty all the clips. Click on the “+” icon, you will see a dropdown menu which includes add folder, empty page, add from url, import from local files, and import from Chrome bookmarks.

Add folder #

Click the folder icon to add a new folder. Double-click any item to rename it.

Empty page #

Click the page icon to add an empty page. After an empty page is created, click it to open the editor to create your own content.

Add from URL #

Clicking on link icon will open a dialogue box, input the title and URL of your target page to add it to clips.

Import from local files #

Click on the fourth icon to import items from your loacl directory. Choose the target file, it will be imported to clips and it automatically creates a folder for your file.

Import from Chrome bookmarks #

Click on the star icon, it will open a small box which contains all the pages your bookmarked on Chrome. Click to select any item you want to add to your clip libary.

Import from the internet #

  1. Launch your Chrome browser and navigate to the page you want to save.
  2. In the top corner, find and click the webook extension, which is an owl.

Click the icon, it opens a small window, and on it’s top left, there are 4 options. The first one is for you to pick links from a webpage. The second is to add the content of the current page. The third one is to delete the item you added, and the fourth one is to clear all items. Click the owl icon on the right corner to open WeBook Desktop.

  1. To pick a link, click the shooting icon, and then a blue dot will apear in the middle. This means you can select links from webpages. You can pick as many links as you want. And if you want to view the linked content instead of adding it to the list, click on this button again to disable the function of the blue dot(it will disappear).

  1. To add exactly the page you are viewing, click on the plus icon, and it will be added to the list.

  2. Click the check icon after you finish selecting the pages, and all the clips on the list will be added to your webook desktop.

  3. View and manage the clips you added from the web in the clips secton.

Clip management #

  1. By clicking on a certain clip, you can add any item into that clip.

  2. Click on any clip, it will open the built-in editor.

  3. Click on the edit icon, when it turns green, you can edit the content. When edition is made, the save icon will appear. Click on that icon to save the changes you made.

  4. To move a clip, click and drag it to where you wanted.

  5. To remove a clip, click on it and click the minus icon to remove it.

  6. To select multiple clips simultaneously, hold the Ctrl (control) key and click on each item (using the mouse/trackpad). The equivalent of this process on a Mac is to hold the Command key.These selected clips can now be treated as a group. They can be moved, copied or deleted with one command.

  7. To select a range of clips, use the Shift key. Click on the first clip to define the beginning of the range. Hold the shift key and click on the last clip in the range. All clips from the first to the last will be selected.

Build an ebook with Your Clips #

  1. Select the clips you want to include in your book, then click on the build icon.
  2. In the small window it opens up, fill in the book information such as title, author, and description. You can also select the language, output format and the cover of a page. The default title would be named from the the first clip you selected if you do not name the book.
  3. click ok and you will be able to view that book in the book section.

Tips: If you think your book needs to be modified, you can import the book into the clips section, and build it again.

Register #

You can manage your clips in WeBook for free, but the import and export functions are limited in our free plan. You have a 7-day free trial during which you can enjoy full function with watermarks on your generated books. We recommend that you register an account and enjoy the licensed copy.

Here’s the step by step guide:

  1. On the WeBook pricing page, choose the price plan that you prefer(monthly, yearly and lifetime plan).
  2. Select the platform and click the buy button.
  3. Fill in the corresponding information. If you have a coupon code, make sure to fill it in when you check out.
  4. Pay with your PayPal, credit card, or debit card.
  5. After you finish the payment, you will receive an email from BookIt. Click “Grant” in that email.
  6. Enter your email address on WeBook’s registering section, and click “Activate”.

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