EbooXform 1.5.0 released

January 5, 2022
EbooXform, Update

EbooXform 1.5.0 is released with updates: Add format support for kobo epub. UI improvement. Add i18n support for Dennish,Swedish,Finnish,Russian,Korean,Nerderlands. Try it here and email us for any problems or suggestions.

EbooXform - To really own your ebooks


EbooXform # What is it? # Maybe you haved heard the story of an Amazon Kindle user lost all her books, but if not you should be aware. There’s a notorious ghost named DRM hidden there in your purchased ebooks , I do not know what it is doing there, probably nothing so it can be crazy enough to clean your library someday. EbooXform is an utility software that can unlock the DRM protected ebooks and convert ebooks to other formats , so you can really own your ebooks. ...

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