BookIt Desktop

Release of BookIt Desktop 1.3.0

March 16, 2022
BookIt Desktop, Update

We are in a war era, which seems so unreal.It is just a waste of life, of money and of the approaching spring. This world is always unbalanced, villan with power, silent lambs crying. We lost …. , Who wins? .quote{ font-size: 0.9em; padding-left: 40%; } BookIt Desktop 1.3.0 is released. General improvement. Bug fixed, images within local html file may lost after book built. Add environment check for windows installer. ...

Release of BookIt Desktop 1.2.0

December 28, 2021
BookIt Desktop, Update

BookIt Desktop v1.2.0 # BookIt Desktop 1.2.0 is released with changes: Add language support for German,French,Italian,Dutch,Japanese,Korea,Russian,Portuguese. UI improvement. Fix pickup toolbar may not show when pick from the WEB. Fix PDF no page break. Try it and email us for any problems or suggestions. Bidens, the memories of childrenhood.

The Best 100% Free Method to Turn Multiple Web Pages into an EBook

July 17, 2021
BookIt Desktop

Are you looking to save articles for later reading but only to find that you can save one page at a time? Or do you find those that can save multiple articles complicated to use? Well, you can say goodbye to those tools now.You need only one tool, and that should be Why are you saving webpages? Why do you want to save them as an ebook? Because you don’t want to miss that content, and you want to read them on your ereaders anywhere, even without internet connection. ...

BookIt Desktop - an easy-to-use ebook builder from web pages

BookIt Desktop

BookIt Desktop # What is it? # “BookIt” means “turn it into a book”. It is a simple and easy-going tool helps you to build ebooks from web contents that collected from the WEB or exists in local html. Features # Add contents from URL; Injected toolbar to pick up web contents from web page; Import contents from local html files; 3 fetch methods embedded: http get & headless chrome (invisible) & chrome visible; Output formats: EPUB2,EPUB3,PDF; Customize book info including title,cover, author etc. ...

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