WeBook 2.0.0

WeBook 2.0.0

March 24, 2022
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It's spring...again. How many springs you will go through in your whole life time?

And that’s it, whatever, we are still breathing and working.

In this version we adjusted the low level architecture, so there’s no popup ask for permission anymore when you start the program.

The index management are extended to allow index rebuild. You can clean the index DB and rebuild it with just a click, this may take time up to minutes depends on your clips library size.

We also made many small improvements on UI/UE(user experience), esp. on clip tree ,For example , the newly added clip or folder will expand into view automatically to save you a click.

Performance improvement is another attempt we made,try deleting a large subtree to see.

Certainly, known bugs are fixed.

Try it and email to [email protected] for any problems or suggestions.

Have a good day.

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