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Privacy Policy #

Our service can only exist if our customers can be sure that their data is safe. Thus, privacy is our priority. To be transparent, we will explain in more detail how handles your data in the following paragraph. is maintained by ThoughtMeeting Co.,Ltd.(China). As a Data Controller, is bound by the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy and the other terms stated below, please do not use our services and let us know about your concerns. We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy and other terms stated below at any time. If changes occur, we will clearly indicate such alterations at the top of this page with the date of modification.

Personal Data Collected by Us #

We collect the minimum amount of necessary data only. If you register, buy or subscribe for services, we need to collect more data about you. We do not collect any data from your uploaded websites and files.

By visiting our website and/or using our API, your IP address will be logged along with the HTTP referer, user agent and the dates of access (log data).

As for the URL or files you submit, we do not collect file content or metadata. For statistical purposes, we may collect operational times, the number of errors and the total file size.

If you decide to create a account, we will collect your eMail address, your chosen username and your profile picture. If you use our contact form, we will collect your eMail address and your name.

If you decide to buy a package or to subscribe, we need to additionally collect your full name, physical address, company name and VAT id. We do not collect your credit card data. All financial transactions are handled through our payment provider Stripe. Before providing any personal data to Stripe, please make sure that you have read their privacy policies.

Use of Your Personal Data #

We use your personal data to provide our service only. We do not make profiles or stuff like that.

We do log your IP address to prevent abuse of our service and for broad demographic analysis. We do not link this information to any personally identifiable information.

If you buy a package or subscribe for our services, your name, company and address will be used to create the invoice and for prevention of fraud. Your VAT id may be used to check if you qualify for exemption of paying VAT.

Handling of Your Files #

We do not look into it. You can delete your generated files at any time. We do not make any copies.

In the course of providing the service, your files are transferred to and temporarily stored on servers of We do not read, look into or mine any data from your files or its metadata. We do not make any copies of it. All file processing is done by machine and there is no human interaction with your files. Your files are deleted immediately and irreversible from our servers when you click the “×” icon.

Sharing Your Data #

We do not share your files. We do need to share some of your personal data in order to provide you with services.

Your uploaded websites and files will not be given or sold to anyone. if you do not provide the download link, no one will ever have access to your uploaded files.

Also, your username, email and profile picture or other account data will not be shared with anyone.

If you buy a package or if you subscribe, we need to send your name and your address to our payment provider like Paypal/Stripe. This is necessary to process the payment and to prevent fraud. Before providing any personal data to Paypal or Stripe, please make sure that you have read their privacy policies.

Keeping your Data #

Files are deleted after 24h at the latest. We keep your personal data until it is needed for the provision of our services.

We will keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary to provide you with our services. Your files are deleted immediately and irreversible from our servers when using the delete button. This will happen automatically at the latest after 24 hours.

If you delete your account, all personal data will be permanently deleted within 72 hours. All log data (IP address, user agent, referrer) is deleted after 14 days.

Your Rights #

You can modify or delete your data on your own at any time.

You can modify your data on your dashboard. You can delete your account at any time on your own. Deleting your account also deletes all your file and operational record.

You have the right to be given a copy of information held by us about you. We will provide the requested information to you within 7 working days of the receipt of a valid request in writing. We might request you to provide additional information to enable us to identify your personal data and/or to verify your identity.

Security #

We do a lot to protect your data and make our service as secure as possible. We keep your files in the European Union.

We are committed to protecting your personal data and your files. takes all necessary measures to keep your personal information and your files private and secure. The staff is trained in order to properly handle your data. All third-party employees who have access to your personal information have signed data processing agreements. maintains a secure IT environment and all security measures are constantly adjusted to technical progress. All transfers from and to are SSL encrypted. All servers have the appropriate measures in place to prevent unauthorised access (i.e. hacking).

Cookies #

We need them to provide our services. stores so-called cookies in order to be able to offer you a comprehensive range of functions and to make it easier to use our websites. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer with the help of the internet browser. If you do not want to use cookies, you can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer using the corresponding settings on your internet browser. Please note that this may restrict the functional capability and the range of functions of our offer.

Analytics #

We use Google Analytics to store information about how visitors use our website so that we may make improvements and give visitors a better user experience. Google Analytics is a third-party information storage system by Google that records information about the pages you visit, the length of time you spend on specific pages and the website in general, how you arrive at the site and what you click on. You can opt out of the use of Google Analytics on this and all other websites using a browser plugin.

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