New features of WeBook 1.7.0

New features of WeBook 1.7.0

December 16, 2021
WeBook, Rss to eBook, Version Update

Two important new features were added in WeBook 1.7.0.

Import from RSS feed #

With this new RSS support you can import articles from a RSS feed, and later refresh it to check and fetch new articles.

import from rss

So you can build an ebook from your favorite RSS feeds in a minute, and rebuild it periodically to keep it up-to-date.

You may want to add a link in an existing clip as a new clip, this can be achieved by drag-and-drop: select a text block with the link from the editor, drag it into the clips tree and drop, the new clip will be added .

drag to add
Also Windows10 users can drag links (or text block with links) directly from a browser window into WeBook to add clips.

Download it here and email to [email protected] for any problems or suggestions.

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